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My Top Five Artists: Five amazing artists to buy from today!

Updated: Mar 15

In this post I run through five of my top five favourite artists currently working as of February 2024.


  1. Katie Garrison (contemporary pastel landscapes)

  2. Frode Bolhuis (colourful, whimsical sculpture)

  3. Oliver Hilton (abstract landscapes)

  4. Carolyn Myserek (powerful florals)

  5. Finnley Elliott (detailed nature painting)

For a long time I've been keeping a list . . . a list of artists I love; artists I would by from tomorrow, or actually, right this second if I had any money at all. For now, they remain on my dream list, but actually, most of them are very reasonable, and I hope I can introduce you to some new artworks to fall in love with yourself.

Katie Garrison

Katie Garrison creates the most beautiful landscape art in soft, calming shades. Working in the US, her art often features wide open spaces and blue skies. Her use and placement of colour is always spot on, and looking at her work always makes me feel like I'm taking a deep breath of fresh air. Head to her website here.

A painting of rolling green hills with a river running thorough it sits in a light wooden frame on a light wooden floor. The paint has been applied in thick swathes of pastel colours that suggest the landscape rather than capture every detail
Animas Fork II by Katie Garrison

Frode Bolhuis

If you love a sense of fun in your art, look no further than Frode Bolhuis. His collections of pastel-and-neon coloured sculptures of people sells out almost instantly every time they're listed. I just love how fun, whimsical and creative they are. Visit his website here.

A sculpture of a man carrying pillows hangs on the wall. It is created in pastel/neon polymer clays.
The Things We Carry III by Frode Bolhuis

Oliver Hilton

If only I could get my hands on one of these beautiful pieces by Oliver Hilton. Primarily landscape art, Hilton's work is more on the abstract side, strongly hinting at landscapes rather than outwardly being them. I love how he utilises monochromatic colour (in the example below, green) to evoke the peaceful green of hills, or blues to evoke the freshness of the sea. He lists a collection of work that sells out instantly every couple of months. You can visit his website here.

A square, abstract painting that has been made using blocky but soft greens, recalls a sunset on a distant horizon. It is framed in a white frame.
Green Horizon No. 14 by Oliver Hilton

Carolyn Misterek

One of the more expensive artists on my list, Carolyn Misterek creates beautiful floral pieces that utilise the frame as much as the paint to create deceptively simple but powerful work. I love how she layers the paint to bring the flowers to life, and her composition skills are second to none. Check out her website here.

White and pale pink painted  flowers on a black background, surrounded by an intricate black frame
Everyday Occurrence No. 123 by Carolyn Misterek

Finnley Elliott

Highly detailed, brightly coloured art abounds on this artists page. Primarily influenced by nature, some of my favourite work of Elliott's includes these nest paintings, that are just somehow composed so perfectly and with such an eye for detail that I could look at it all day. To visit her website, click here.

A highly detailed painting of a bird's nest, with an egg, a feather and a four leaf clover in it. The whole thing is painted on a salmon pink background.
A nest painting by Finnley Elliott

I hope you enjoyed my list of artists I love! Let me know below if there are any more I should check out. And let me know if you'd be interested in a part two as well - because I have plenty more where this came from!

To read about more artists that I love, check out this interview with Georgia Camden of Growing Wilder Studio!

And, if you liked these and want to check out another 5 of my favourite artists working in March 2024, then head to this blog here.

As always, thanks for reading!


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