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5 Ways to Display Your Posters

Inspiration for hanging your posters


Want inspiration for hanging your posters? Read this post for 5 easy ways to display your beautiful prints.

The Classic way to display posters: Hanging in a frame

It may seem obvious, but so many people don't feel like you can frame a poster: they're almost a bit too casual/more casual than an art print. But for a little extra oomph, I urge you to consider it: by framing your poster, it suddenly becomes art.

You can get so many types of frames: you can have the frame custom made by going to your framers, or online - I recommend Picture Frame Express. (And you can read my guide to framing your art at home here), you can buy some posters ready framed (check out my framed posters here), and you can buy specific poster frames, that are ready-made (and a little cheaper than having them custom made) in most retailers - IKEA and John Lewis for two.

There are so many options, but for a more contemporary look, I recommend not using a mount and going for a thinner frame (this also reflects the more casual feel of a poster).

The Easy Trendsetter: Using a poster hanger

This has to be one of the easiest and most on trend ways of displaying a poster: In a poster hanger.

A poster hanger involves four strips of wood each with a magnet on. You place two strips of wood, magnet side down on either side of the top of the poster, these attract and hold the wood between them. You then do the same with the bottom.

They are great if you often change your mind, as the poster can be swapped easily. They have a really nice vintage classroom kind of vibe, and they just need a little nail in the wall and you're ready to go.

Getting Clippy With it: Using a bulldog clip

Now this one takes a bit more work, because you usually have to install a picture wire, from which the bulldog clips can hang, but it can look pretty cool.

There are also a few ways to do it: you could pop two nails on the wall, two bulldog clips on the poster, and then hang the clips on those. You could hang them from a picture rail using wire or string, as above. You could use a wall grid, and clip the poster to that.

You could even do the same thing with a hanger, pegs or paperclips.

See what way looks best for you!

Image attribution: <a href="">Modern Vectors by Vecteezy</a>

Tape happy: The Washi Way

For the most informal, fun look out of this list: try taping it to the wall. Not with standard tape, but with washi tape. Washi tape is a type of tape made with rice paper, and it comes in so many different, cute designs, you'll find that the most difficult part of using this strategy is what design to go for.

You can also go crazy with options here: you can put the tape across all four corners, a strip across the top (as above), a strip on the bottom and top. You can layer up the posters with other posters, you can make it messy with cute tape, or you can make it more chic with monochromatic colours. It all depends what vibe you're going for.

Too Cool for School: The Frame and Lean

Finally, you can use the frame and lean. A super cool style that involves framing with an elegant, thin frame and no mount, a bit of layering with other posters and images of different sizes, a wall to lean the poster against and something to stand it on (be that the floor, a cabinet, or a poster shelf).

Absolutely to be avoided if you have kids in the house (it looks great until they get too tall and pull it down on top of them - yes that did happen to us, no Evie wasn't hurt thank goodness), it is nonetheless one of my favourite ways of displaying art. I just have to wait for Evie to move out I guess.

My top tip for this is to go oversized: an A2 frame will look much better (and cooler) leaning than an A4 frame - if you're layering, get a few posters of all different sizes, with at least one of them being A2 or A1, depending on how high your ceilings are.

And there you have it, five different ways to display your posters: in a frame, with poster hangers, with clips, with washi tape and leaning against a wall. Let me know which one you will choose below!

If you want to read about how to frame your art at home, click here.

Or check out my top 5 artists to buy from today for lovely art you'll want to display.

As always, thanks for reading.


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