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Artist Recommendations: My Favourite Artists, Part 2!

A short while ago I wrote about my top 5 favourite artists working today, but once I got going, I found I had way more than 5! So here is my part 2: another 5 artists I recommend you check out this instant.



Up first is Kirsty McIntyre, whose work I have admired for an incredibly long time. An Australian artist working out of Melbourne, her art has a strong theme of Australian nature, and as you might expect from one of the warmest countries in the world: her work is bright, fresh and full of sunshine.


Next is Jacqueline Colley, whose neon bright, contemporary artwork is full of humorous twists and plays on words. She often uses vintage style packaging and lettering within a very contemporary style to create works that will bring you joy. This is one of my favourites, and one day, I will be able to buy it!


With a particular gift for capturing glassware, Karen O'Neil's paintings are often still life scenes in fresh and vibrant colours (we're going colourful today apparently!). I just love the blocky colours that somehow make up delicate glassware. I wish I could paint like this!

A painting of a parfait glass and orange segment behind it. Blocky, fresh colours make this still life into a more contemporary piece
'Pink Parfait Glass' by Karen O'Neil


If stunningly beautiful, close up landscapes are your thing, then look no further. Full of whimsical colours that offer up dreams of windswept hills and wildflowers, Jennifer L Mohr's work makes my heart ache it's so pretty.


Want more landscapes utilising beautiful pastels? I'm happy to oblige. Margaret Jeane's work is a deep breath; open space and clear skies. Her interpretation of light will make you feel the warmth on your skin.

So there's my roundup of another five of my favourite artists working today. Drop a comment below if you love any of these beautiful artist too.

And if you want to check out my other post full of another 5 artist recommendations, then click on this link here.

As always, thanks so much for reading,


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