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Future Products: New Kids' Poster Wall Art

Updated: Apr 6

What's new and what's up and coming for 2024 from Howell Illustration; step into this artist's world!


I'm so excited about a couple of the new products I've got coming this year, and I thought I might tell you about them! Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Yes, it's at the top for a reason. These are definitely the products I'm most excited about for 2024. I've gone full on for kids' decor: contemporary natural history posters with an educational and monochromatic twist.

These posters meet a few of the Montessori principles: the animals are realistic, they're educational and they're beautiful to look at. Perfect for kids' rooms.

I also wanted to make them perfect for the busy parents (I see you!). So, you can buy them already framed, unframed; in several different sizes, and you can even download them, (if you happen to live in a different country and don't want to pay for shipping, this will be particularly welcome I think!). They're also monochromatic, so they'll be super easy to match with your colour scheme.

I've completed my black-and-white animals poster, and the green poster, and I'm working on the red at the moment. I'll be going through all the colours of the rainbow and then some; sign up to my newsletter on my contact page to keep an eye on them!


In a departure from my usual card making style, I've gone hard on the terrible puns (don't tell my husband I find them funny), and created the cards above. I'm calling it the 'party animals' range. I've even made a pattern with them, which I think would make a really cute wrapping paper.

Lots of black and white animals wearing party hats, novelty glasses and carrying gifts
My new 'Party Animals' wrapping paper design

Oh, and a video, which I of course find hilarious. Will anyone else though? I don't know. I'll be putting them up on my YouTube channel in the near future, so come subscribe to my channel to see them!

And I made some little videos I for the listings I thought were really cute. Yes, I am getting excited by my own art and terrible video making.

So, these are the exciting things I wanted to share with you today: My new range of children's posters: The Monochrome Menagerie, and my slight about turn into punny cards (featuring my own font, of course!).

I have lots of things still in the works, including a custom world illustrated map and some lichen-y fine art. If you'd like to keep an eye on these products, and everything else that's up-and-coming from Howell Illustration, then sign up to my newsletter below - I'd love to welcome you to The Pack!

If you're interested in my art, then please read some of the deep dives I've done into my maps: telling you the story behind them, or check out my interviews with the authors I've created the maps for. My last one was with author S.G. Maclean, about her map for The Bookseller of Inverness, click here to visit!

Or maybe you like my wildlife art and would like to see something else? Check out my posts on The Bird Book.

As always, thanks so much for reading, and let me know what you think of my new products below!



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