Inspired by nature: how to bring nature into your art

It may be obvious by now that I love nature. I love everything about it, from breathing in the smell of spring to taking three hour walks across-country, watching wildlife in my garden to picking blackberries in autumn, for me nature is inspiring. It fuels my art. And I love nature for more than that - my walks keep me sane (literally, see Losing Eden by Lucy Jones for all the scientific evidence that we need the wild for our mental and physical health), the sound of birds makes me smile inanely, and more recently, the first spring flowers (that I can finally recognise and name after a lifetime of living in a city - lesser celandine, snowdrop, wood anemone . . .) have had me squealing in excitement (not an exaggeration, just ask my husband). There is something about it that is so totally magical, that can instil a sense of Wonder (oh yes, wonder with a capital W, so important is wonder for learning and preservation of nature that we were taught strategies for instilling it as teachers) unlike anything else. I'm always aiming to capture a little bit of that magic and put it in my art, and on top of that, I'm looking to preserve it by making Howell Illustration as sustainable as possible.