May will see the release of the first ever book I've fully illustrated: The Bird Book, by Dr Meriel Lland and Roxy Furman. I'm so excited I've planned a full month of blogs around it, from chatting about how I got the job and the creative process, to guest blogs from the editor, Sophie Blackman, the designer Rob Ward and one of the authors, Dr Meriel Lland.

Right now though, you could be wondering: what on Earth is The Bird Book. Well, let me fill you in: It's

An inspiring introduction to 50 wild birds for mindful post-Covid nature watchers

Written by vegan wildlife presenter and filmmaker Roxy Furman, and nature writer, poet and film-artist Dr Meriel Lland, this pocket companion for the newbie birdwatcher will introduce you to 50 stunning birds often seen in the UK and Europe.

It's designed to encourage getting outside, and hopefully you all know how I feel by now about the health benefits of spending time in nature! (If not, check out my blog on the book Losing Eden: Why our minds need the wild to learn more!)

I have fully illustrated this book, which means every single bird is accompanied with an illustration by yours truly *eeeeee* (and let me tell you, it was no small effort!). Each illustrated bird comes with a map of where in Europe you're likely to spot it, facts you never knew about each species, and notes on how we can help birds thrive - particularly those under threat.

Whether you spot birds on your commute, cycle rides or weekend adventures, this is the perfect book for mindful nature lovers who want to get outside and look after our planet.

I had a lot of fun on this project - you might be able to tell from the fluffy kingfisher illustration above - and I want as many people to know about it as possible because I'm so proud of all the work that has gone into this, by all of us involved. It's out on May 27th, and if you fancy the sound of it, you can pre-order now from my website, or, to avoid giving Bezos more money and support your local bookshop, check out, which allows you to shop online from your local bookshop, even if they don't have a website.

Thanks for reading! And make sure to check back here for all the exciting things coming this month!


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