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I've just made something new, and I'd love to tell you about it. It's been in the works for months, and I've slowly been developing the idea. Now, finally, it's ready to go and available on my website!

A teal map of the UK is in a white frame, resting against a white wall on a wooden floor
The base map of the UK - an illustrated map waiting to be personalised

I'm sure you've seen personalised maps before - not least on my website! - but this is different, because it's designed to deliver all of the beauty and quality of a custom hand illustrated map, at about a quarter of the cost.

I've designed a ​base map of the UK​ which can be personalised with your own locations, colours and text, all still hand illustrated; so you'll get my unique, hand illustrated style, but without needing to have a full custom map created, saving around 3/4 of the cost.

I'm so excited about it, and I really believe it's a great way to tell the story of you, your journey; perhaps with a loved one, with your family; or perhaps it's the perfect gift for someone else, who'd love to have the gift of their happy memories recorded.

It would be wonderful if you wanted to check my new map out and see all of the ways it can be personalised, so please click the button below.

I've been trying to create a beautiful illustrated map that was a bit more accessible price-wise for a while, so I really hope you all like this one!

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