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Quitting Social Media and Charting a New Path on Youtube

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of online content and connection, change is not just an option; it's often a necessity. And that's precisely what Howell Illustration is embracing. I've started walking a new trail by launching my very own YouTube channel. In this blog post, I'll take you through my decision to leave other social media platforms, the exciting (and nerve-wracking!) launch of our YouTube channel, and a peek into my first video — a time-lapse map exploring the history of Howell Illustration as I quit social media to chart a new path on YouTube.

A ribbon map runs from left to right across a page. The map is drawn in green pencil and shows a timeline of my business and history, from childhood to now.
Charting Howell Illustration's journey; a potted history of Howell Illustration as an illustrated map

Quitting social media and charting a new path

For years, I've struggled with social media, using various platforms to connect with my community of amazing customers, small-business supporters, art and nature enthusiasts. But sometimes, a change in course is required to chart a new path. I've decided to leave traditional social media platforms behind to focus on a medium that allows for a deeper, more engaging connection — YouTube. If you want to read more about that decision, then please click here to head to my previous blog post about the decision.

I've made this decision for a few reasons:

1. Content Depth: YouTube provides a unique space for us to create content with depth. While other platforms often limit me to quick posts and snapshots, YouTube enables me to delve into topics more thoroughly. And I am nothing if not a natterer.

2. Visual Showcase: As a visual artist, I believe YouTube is the ideal platform to showcase my work, offer insights into my creative processes, and share the stories behind each illustration.

3. Engagement and Community: My YouTube channel allows me to foster a genuine community by creating content that encourages interaction, feedback, and discussion.

Setting Sail with YouTube

The decision to chart a new path with YouTube is not just about leaving one path behind; it's about embarking on a new and exciting adventure. My YouTube channel is designed to bring you closer to the heart of Howell Illustration. Here's what you can expect from my channel:

Time-Lapse Map Videos: My videos will feature captivating time-lapse illustrations with commentary, offering a glimpse into the creation of our custom maps and art prints

Storytelling: I'll tell the story of Howell Illustration, its history, and our journey as artists. You'll get to know us better.

Helpful Tips: Expect tips and insights into running a creative business and making art and custom illustrated maps

Unveiling My First Video: A Potted History of Howell Illustration

I'm so excited to show you my very first video. In "A Potted History of Howell Illustration," you'll witness a time-lapse map creation that represents my art and journey. I'll share insights, anecdotes, and the evolution of Howell Illustration, all while showcasing my love for detailed line work and storytelling through maps. I've tried to film and record in a really calm asmr-ish way, so you can chill for twenty minutes.

I invite you to take a look into my world: Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated and be part of our creative community.

As always thanks for reading


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