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Hooray! You've bought the base Customs map location of the UK, now to add your custom locations. Simply choose the number of locations you want, type them in the provided box, and checkout. Please type them in the following format.


1. York (area) - York Minster (building or specific place) - 19.12.22, please include a duck (specific date or detail you'd like included)


You can also add locations to a map you've already purchased. Each new location will be giclée printed and supplied with a glue dot so you can stick it to an existing map.


The locations are:

  • Giclée printed on a stunning textured Hahnemühle hemp paper 
  • Personalizable - choose your locations to be drawn 
  • Available in 6 colorways - black, blue, green, teal, pink, and gold
  • Hand drawn on an iPad (I draw with an apple pencil on an iPad)


Please write the locations you would like drawn in the box provided. If you want anything specific, for example a specific building, or you want a date included, please make sure to write that in the box too.  For example:

1. York - York Minster - 20.12.98 

2. Lake District - Coniston Water - please include a duck


Please double-check your spelling, I will write it as I receive it. Provide an email address that you check regularly and add me ( to your friends list - I will send you an image of the locations before I send it to print. I will not finish and print your locations without getting the OK from you, so it's important you keep an eye out! Please expect an image of your locations around 2 weeks after ordering.



  • Locations may alter in size, depending on how many you buy (and how many have to be fitted into the same area)
  • Colors may vary slightly when printed, depending on your monitor
  • The locations should be with you within 1 month. However, the map is hand drawn, and will also rely on printer timings. As such, the time scale of the map may vary a little bit. If you need it by a certain date, please send your order number, name, and the date you need it by to: and I will do my best to keep to it.

Customs Map Locations of the UK

  • Due to the highly personalised nature of this product, returns are not available.

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