Howell Illustration is 100% committed to being eco friendly and sustainable. Read what I'm doing to achieve that here.

1. As of 2019 every single thing I put out into the world can either be recycled endlessly or will degrade. On top of that, my packaging is all recycled already, so are my cards and the envelopes that go with them. I am still working on ways to reduce the packaging I use. Most of my packaging is bought from Eco Craft if you are interested yourself.

2. I have carbon offset my home and my business. I work from home, so I have made sure we're on a 100% renewable energy tariff. For the things I can't change just yet, I have offset the carbon I use. Read more on carbon offsetting and how I use it here.

3. Howell Illustration raises money for charity in a number of ways. This year of 2021, 5% of my profits are now split between: The Wildlife Trusts, Black Minds Matter, Stonewall, The Woodland Trust and The Fire Fighters Charity, and I’m hoping to increase this to 10% as Howell Illustration grows.

4. I am working on becoming zero waste in what's coming in to Howell Illustration as well. I've recently bought a refillable pen to replace my fineliners when they run out, always use recycled paper for my printer, and always request that things are posted without plastic, or buy in stores and locally if I can. Unfortunately there are still a few things I need to work on, but I continue to look for solutions.

6. I recycle all the printer inks I use through a company called Recycle 4 Charity.

7. I blog regularly with sustainable tips so that others can learn if they need to and apply it at home, and my newsletter is also all about nature, art and sustainability. I am here for anyone who wants to ask something about sustainability, and if I can't answer (I'm not an expert), then I'll try to point you in the right direction of someone who can.

8. I order all of my products that I can's print myself through small UK businesses. My stationery is printed with vegetable inks, and by art prints are giclee printed onto hemp paper. Everything is packaged without plastic and ordered in small batches, so there's no waste.

Thanks for reading!


Do you know of more things I can do? Email me at with your suggesions.