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A6 'The Lovers' tarot inspired greeting card/note card, printed in my home studio on recycled card. Comes with recycled brown ribbed envelope.

• original leopard illustrations
• printed on 100% recycled card
• comes with kraft 100% recycled envelope
• gender neutral valentines card
• this card has a double use as a mini art print, why not frame it and pop it up on your wall?


For ages now I've wanted to create my own tarot deck and I've finally started with 'The Lovers'. Traditionally, The Lovers features a man and a woman, because the card represents opposites - the counterbalance - as opposed to being specifically about gender. It's also not always about romantic relationships, but relationships of any kind: business, friendships, family, whatever. Its keywords are: partnerships, union of opposites, choices, harmony and cooperation. I wanted to change this up a little though, by removing gender from the equation as much as I could, so I drew two leopards at roughly the same size, both wearing crowns: they are equal in their love, but also in similar poses on opposite sides of the page. Flowers bloom and bud all around them (growth), and every colour from the rainbow is represented (a nod to the LGBTQ+ community). I wanted this card to represent equality in love, support of each other, friendship, an ideal partnership. I also wanted it to be calm and soft: to represent a strong foundation, to be easy to look at.


And if you're looking for some smaller pieces for your walls, why not frame them? 


100% waste-free cards that contribute to a more sustainable circular system. With card, envelope and all packaging made of 100% recycled paper (that can also be recycled endlessly at the end of life) these cards are not only unique, but completely waste free.


Each one is blank inside and each is created from my original designs.

'The Lovers' Tarot Inspired Card| Eco Friendly

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£2.00Sale Price
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