In the depths of winter, I hoped I could remind the viewer that summer is coming through this swift bird illustration. The swift is the herald of summer, and is steeped in folklore. Often called The Devil's Bird for its startling cry and its 'legless' appearance, I chose to focus on the positive summer vibes, with a little nod to its heritage using the berries of the deadly nightshade. It features the words 'Our summer's still - all to come' from the Ted Hughes poem 'Swifts'.


* Original swift illustration
* Giclee art print - the highest quality of print available
* Printed on a high quality textured paper (made from sustainable hemp!) 
* Shipped with biodegradable and compostable plastic wrapping
* As eco-friendly as I can make it

* Comes in two colours: blue and yellow


Print is 10 x 12 inches, but if you need another size please ask and I'll see what I can do. **It comes unframed**

The Herald of Summer | Swift Giclee Art Print