A beautiful, high quality wall art print inspired by the arrival of Spring in the UK.


Print features:

* A sleeping dormouse, hedgehog and bat, all of which come out of hibernation in Spring
* A swallow, one of the first birds to return to the UK in Spring, and a blackbird's nest, one of the earliest birds to start nest building
* Frogspawn
* The sun
* A snowdrop, wood anemone, lesser celandine and the leaves of a cow parsley plant (all of which start growing in early spring)
* A male orange-tip butterfly and its female counterpart, plus an Oak Beauty moth, all early on the wing
* And finally a little white-tailed bumblebee collecting pollen, one of the first bees you will see in Spring


Printed on a high quality textured paper, and shipped with biodegradable and compostable plastic wrapping, this item is as environmentally friendly as I can make it, and there will be no waste at all for you to dispose of. 


Print is 8 x 8 inches square, but if you need another size please ask and I'll see what I can do. It comes Unframed.



Signs of Spring | Bird and Animal Art Print | Signed

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    Artist working out of Godstone, Surrey, United Kingdom


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