Brand new roe deer wall art print with a mystical feel, created using a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, the roe deer was originally hand drawn with a dip pen and ink, the green circle and all within it was hand painted with gouache, and the rest was finished digitally. I really loved working with all these different techniques to create this piece.


* Magical original wall art featuring roe deer design in a dreamy forest

* Professionally printed (giclee print) on very high quality, eco friendly, textured hemp paper

* Hand drawn original artwork by Howell Illustration

* Standard A4 size with its own border, easy for framing (does not come framed)

* Highest quality print possible


Please contact me to discuss having this item customised or personalised in any way!


Howell Illustration is 100% committed to sustainable, eco-friendly practices, so this item will be shipped to you in a biodegradable plastic pocket inside a cardboard-backed paper envelope. To read more about sustainability at Howell Illustration, click the social responsibility tab above.

Roe Deer Giclee Art Print