A pretty blue floral bunny candle holder, hand made and shaped from air dry clay, hand painted with gouache, and finished with a matte gouache varnish to protect the paint.


* completely handmade and one-of-a-kind

* cute rabbit handle

* features floral design inspired by folk art elements


Please note that this is my first ever attempt at these candle holders, they are not perfect, and show a lot of imperfections created during the making (which I actually quite like), hence the very low price :). On this one in particular, the bunny is quite rough and the holder piece in the middle is a little too big. I wrapped rubber bands round the bottom of the candle to keep it in place. This is reflected in the price.


I am working on refining my favourite shapes and styles at the moment, so please check back for more later :)

Pretty Blue Floral Bunny Candle Holder