Over several years of creating art, there are a few books I have found the most helpful, inspiring and informative for the kind of art I do, and now, having teamed up with The Bookshop, an independent book store in East Grinstead (at which I happen to work!), we are offering them as the perfect budding artist's book box gift set.


Each set comes in a gift box with a card. If you are shipping directly to your recipient, and would like me to write in the card, just leave the message in the comments box at checkout.


The set includes:


Hand Drawn Maps by Helen Cann


It's no secret that Helen Cann is one of my favourite artists working to date. Specialising in illustrated maps, she has written this book to help anyone who wants to start creating illustrated maps, covering everything from how to draw a compass rose, to listing inspirations, and giving little exercises on the way, this book has informed my practice no end. 


Imagine a Forest by Dinara Mirtalipova


I don't know about you but I love folk patterns. This book will give you everything you need to start creating them. Perfect for artists, and I think excellent for embroidery artists too. 


You Will Be Able to Draw Faces by the End of this Book by Jake Spicer


I struggle with faces. As Grayson Perry said 'I am not one of life's natural portraitists'. However, this book breaks down everything you need to know simply and quickly. As a succinct review: you really will be able to draw faces by the end of the book. 


The Creature Garden by Harry and Zanna Goldhawk


Long before I found this book, I'd found Harry and Zanna Goldhawk on Etsy, trading under Papio Press, and bought two of their art prints. I'd also seen their work on beautiful book covers, but it took me ages to realise they were one and the same! This book will teach you how to draw any creature you care to from tigers to unicorns, and is well worth having in your artist's inspiration pile. 


The Little Book of Colour by Karen Haller


A book that takes you through the fundamentals of colour and colour psychology, and enables you to apply it to life. Not necessarily a book that will tell you how to apply colour to your art practice, but it will give you a better understanding of what colours can do and which ones to put together. 


As an aside, I make no profit out of these sets, I just do it to support The Bookshop and for fun because I love reading and love to share what I've read - I hope you get as much joy from these books as I have!


This may not be the cheapest you can find this book, but every sale benefits indpenedent store The Bookshop in East Grinstead, a wonderful, beautiful, historical, haphazard place of books and coffee and cakes.



Sorry - I can't ship these overseas, they are too heavy!

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