weekly planner printables now available!

Good morning everyone, on what was a lovely sunny Monday morning and now seems to be clouding over somewhat . . . I am writing this blog today because I have some awesome new weekly planner printables available in my shop, featuring my original illustrations. I got so excited about these that I worked all weekend on them! I started by designing the template, on which I included a to do list, habit tracker (I do love a good habit tracker, don't you?) and space for notes at the bottom, as well as space for notes on every day of the week (I hate a crowded planner/calendar design - lots of space needed for me!)

Then I moved on to the actual design. I wanted the planners I make to be calm, inviting and pretty, and I think they are! Featuring my signature pencil marks over a gouache brush, and my signature two-tone leaves, plus an aesthetically pleasing oranges design; this was the first weekly planner to come from my pen (or should I say Apple Pencil?). Then I couldn't stop

I created, found mockups for, photographed, filmed, went into the high street and bought paper to test, and finally listed all of the weekly planner ideas I'd come up with. It took me literally all weekend of frantic work. (But that's usually what happens when I get an idea, I have to do it all at once and right now!)

I also created the planners in both a horizontal and vertical format, so when you download one, you also get the other in the bundle. I noticed that people were looking for weekly vertical planners, and that there weren't many options available, so I hope I've offered a good amount here!

The great thing about printables is that, once you've bought them, they download instantly, and as these are a standard A4 size, which fits in most home printers, they're ready to go straight away. So if you're looking at starting mindful new habits and organising yourself from today, and if you're as impatient as I am, you don't have to wait!

I hope you love the new planner printables as much as I do - and stay tuned for some more stationery printables to go with them too!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great week.


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