STARtING AGAIN: A New social media strategy

I'm starting again. That's right. From scratch. I've archived every single image on my instagram and I'm starting again. I just didn't feel like it reflected who I am any more, or my work, which has changed a lot. It felt scattered and I was a bit lost.

Totoro in a teacup

If I'm completely honest, I'm always a little bit lost when it comes to social media. I've never really been interested in it. I don't have a Facebook account, and I, frankly, loathe Twitter with a passion. I have a Pinterest account, which I do enjoy, but which I can't get the hang of, and Instagram seems to vary its algorithm every five seconds, completely changing both my engagement and strategy. If I could do away with it completely I absolutely would. Unfortunately, I've also seen that it can boost traffic to both my shop and website. So I'm stuck with it. The only thing I can try to do is make it work for me. Which it hasn't been doing for a long time.