STARtING AGAIN: A New social media strategy

I'm starting again. That's right. From scratch. I've archived every single image on my instagram and I'm starting again. I just didn't feel like it reflected who I am any more, or my work, which has changed a lot. It felt scattered and I was a bit lost.

Totoro in a teacup

If I'm completely honest, I'm always a little bit lost when it comes to social media. I've never really been interested in it. I don't have a Facebook account, and I, frankly, loathe Twitter with a passion. I have a Pinterest account, which I do enjoy, but which I can't get the hang of, and Instagram seems to vary its algorithm every five seconds, completely changing both my engagement and strategy. If I could do away with it completely I absolutely would. Unfortunately, I've also seen that it can boost traffic to both my shop and website. So I'm stuck with it. The only thing I can try to do is make it work for me. Which it hasn't been doing for a long time.

In order to make it work for me, I've decided that I need it to look cohesive and organised, or it throws me off my game. To that end, I've started by trying to bring everything into three main styles I work in. 1. Is my children's style, evidenced above: flat colours with little details and handmade textures, inspired by folk art and vintage fairy tale art. 2. Is my linework style: sketchy black ink and 3. Is 'playful realism': a realistic style with a playful edge.

Hand lettering with vines that says 'a magical adventure for you'

I also, always gravitate towards the same colours: vintage inspired with a touch of grey in most colours. Muted, perhaps with one brighter colour. So, I'm going to try to bring a lot of what I do into the same colour palette, as I love it so much, providing a more cohesive style.

Finally, I'm going to try to post in the morning three times a week. I've tried every day and unfortunately I just burn out and can't be bothered any more. So,

three times a week it is. I'll then use all of these images to add to Pinterest via my Tailwind account.

I also want to bring in some more of my hand lettering: see above! And I'm loving the texture I'm using at the moment for depth: I coloured in a whole page with my dip pen and ink to make it, and boy did that take some time! But I think it makes everything look like it's been carved or hand coloured. So, I'll probably be using that a lot more to bring everything into line.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, I will be completely ignoring algorithm changes and likes. My account will be full of what I enjoy, not me pandering to the Social Media Gods (Or rather, more accurately, Demons).

I hope you enjoy it!


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