Slow Living - The Start of Something New for Howell Illustration

It began when I saw how much product I had. Last year saw the launch of Howell Illustration, and I have had to make a lot of products to see what will sell. But I recently moved out of my garden studio (a rather grand way of saying tiny shed), and now I'm sitting in our spare room surrounded by stuff. Well, my brain is having a bit of trouble wrapping itself around that. It does not like it - it's getting antsy. And, part of me getting antsy always involves decluttering, except, I can't declutter my stock, so I am decluttering everything else: my wardrobe, my shoes, my jewellery, my files . . . anything I can get my hands on.

This then sparked a look at minimalism, which I spoke about the other day. This is an idea that is wonderful for someone like me who loves organisation and has been working to attain a quieter life and mind. So I colour co-ordinated everything in my wardrobe, bought some new key pieces off ebay (Since July 2018 I have not bought a single item that is not used or 100% organic cotton - I'm quite proud of that) and moved onwards.

This seems to have then sparked a look at my health, my body, and as I mentioned the other day, being gentler on myself. Which has kicked off a new interest in slow and sustainable living, and in turn slow marketing.

I discovered slow marketing in Kayte's Grow With Soul podcast. Her website is Simple and Season.

This has led me to a conclusion that I have been trying to reach for a while, and perhaps has shown itself in my newsletters, which go beyond Howell Illustration to discuss things like mental health and sustainability: Howell Illustration will be changing.

This year, I will be writing more for my blog. (In fact, I hope to blog every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, so do tune in if you can.) My blog will include pieces on the journey to zero-waste, nature, slow, simple and organic living, artwork and mental health, and I hope to feature some guest posts here and I help others on a similar path to me.

I will be reducing my stock and focusing more on bigger art pieces, still in dip pen and ink, and still very much nature inspired, but more limited, more careful.

My output is already mainly zero waste, but I want to take this further, by doing away with most of my plastic (currently biodegradable) entirely and packaging my prints in paper.

I will be discontinuing my mugs, bags, mini prints and a4 prints in order to focus more on my cards, which are entirely recycled and recyclable already, and therefore produce very little waste.

I will be putting a focus on my hand-drawn maps; I have wanted to improve and work on my maps for a long time, and I have decided this is the year.

Finally, I will be trying to live slowly and sharing that with you as I go. I hope you will join me, it is lovely to have you here.

Any questions? I'd love to hear from you. Email

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