My Top 5 Tips for Zero Waste Beginners

Hello lovely people! Today I've decided to do a really quick post on my top 5 tips for Zero Waste beginners. About a year ago, I decided to begin going zero waste - it takes a long time to do it, depending on how much stuff you have in the house (because you want to use everything up, however tempting it is just to chuck it all, that's the opposite of what we're going for). So, a year in, here are my top 5 tips for Zero Waste beginners.

1. SWAP OUT YOUR RAZOR. This one was always going to be my top tip, and I will rave about it til the cows come home. Your razor is creating the most ridiculous and completely unnecessary amount of waste. It saves you a lot of money, and is far more sustainable, to just go out and buy a metal one. Go now. Go on. Here's the one I use, and here are some tips on how to use it. For legs, go with the long-handled version, for people shaving their face, the short handled.

2. Think about your clothing. If you're really serious about going Zero Waste, you need to start thinking about this now. Your clothing contains so much plastic, may be contributing to unethical conditions for workers, and probably poisons many a waterway through chemical dying. You can not possibly swap all of your wardrobe out now, it has to be done over time. Start buying things that may cost more, but will last. Start buying organic cotton (and yes, the organic part is important) where you can (your underwear is usually a good start, People Tree do a fab range of this). Start thinking, next time an item of clothing wears out, where can you get a new one from? (Interested in a full post on ethical fashion and places to buy from? Comment below)

3. Check out your cleaning products. Most of them probably say 'extremely hazardous to aquatic life' on the back. They're not lying. They really are. My top tip, so that you're not overwhelmed, is just to look at an alternative for each product as they run out. Eco Zone, Method and Bio D are just some of these, and most offer re-fillables or cardboard packaging to save on plastic. Or, if you're pretty crafty and into making things, why not DIY yourself some cleaning products? You can find so many books and videos on this now, I like the look of this one, out in May - it's on my wish list. Finally, don't be fooled by the advertising of cleaning companies, often you only need one product, and that'll do every room.

4. Do one thing at a time. Don't feel that you need to do everything all at once. This takes time and it's a lifestyle, not a race. Pick one thing and start on that. I started with my bathroom, which ended up including my make-up routine. I found zero-waste beauty site, which led me to the wonderful mascara I now use (after much trial and error) and beauty kubes (my shampoo). I also switched my liquid soap for soap bars from The Friendly Soap Co. There's more I switched, perhaps you'd like to see a separate post on all of my beauty switches and recommendations? Comment below if so!

5. Use YouTube, it's such a mine of information. If you're not sure on anything, someone will have the answer there. There are so many people who have been doing this for longer and far more effectively than me. Use YouTube as your go-to resource for friendly, natural advice from people who are passionate about sustainable living. Check out Kate Arnell and Beauty by Tahira for starting points.

That's all guys! Hope you found this post useful and I hope it gives you some ideas - go ahead, dip a toe in and SWAP YOUR RAZOR.

Nicola x

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