More Deals on Recycled Paper Cards

Hello! Hopefully you know that this year I will be aiming to do an Etsy shop update every Friday, and last Friday was no exception. One of the comments I was getting was that my sets of recycled paper, eco friendly cards did not contain enough cards, so I've finally put a deal together (sorry, it took me so long!). You can now buy a mix and match box of 12 recycled paper cards with original Howell Illustration designs for £15, each of my cards is usually £2.50, so it's a real steal if you're looking to get a few. Each of my cards is blank inside, so you can write whatever message you want in them (I keep a box myself for emergency birthdays, given that my memory is so terrible. You can buy a set here, and you can see all of my cards on my etsy shop here, so you can choose whichever ones you like.

The best thing about these cards, I think, is that they have very little impact on the environment. Both the card and envelope are made from recycled paper, so no trees were cut down to make them, and I don't package my cards in plastic, instead they come in recycled paper bags in a recycled paper box. The lot can then be recycled again, and as paper gets recycled infinitely, I think it's worth it. Happy shopping!

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