Howell Illustration's Markets for November - And a Fractured Foot

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Hi anyone reading this! Here is a list of the markets Howell Illustration will be attending for the month of November, but first - I've fractured my foot! I slipped off a stair and ended up in a & e. Luckily didn't have to cast it, I just have the boot, but it does mean I'm going to have difficulty getting to the post office and whatnot - so if you've ordered from me recently, do forgive any slowness!

Finally down to business, here is a list of my markets for November:

Forest Row Market - 3rd November

Forest Row, East Sussex

Mansion Market - 9th November

Forest Row, East Sussex

RSPCA Christmas Craft Fair - 17th November

South Godstone, Surrey

Cuckfield Craft Fair - 23rd November

Cuckfield High Street, Sussex

Tonbridge Artisan Market - 24th-25th November

Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent

Hope to see you there!

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