Live Lagom by Anna Brones a #lovereading book review

Recently I feel like I've been reviewing a lot of more serious non-fiction books that, while I love them, do raise some heavy questions. So, today, I'm reviewing a different kind of non-fiction.

At 218 pages in a small, hardback gift format, Live Lagom is a beautiful gift book, packaged neatly with some gorgeous photography inside (especially attractive to anyone who likes Swedish interiors/living and minimalism). It talks about the Swedish idea of lagom, which translates into English roughly as 'just right': not too little and not too much. In short, lagom is embodies the idea of balance.

Starting with a chapter called Lagom at Work, which details how the Swedes apply it in a work setting (knowing when to take a holiday, knowing when to slow down, knowing when to speed up):

There are a limited amount of hours in the day - time is precious - what we do with them is entirely up to us. We won't ever get more time, we have to learn to take it. Our happiness and balance is in our own hands - Anna Brones

Live Lagom moves through lagom in the home, in health and in the environment, giving advice and tips to help you find joy in moderation and balance. It includes some Swedish recipes to try and tips for finding contentment in what you already have.

Personally, I paid particular attention to lagom in the environment; how knowing when you have enough will help the planet in so many different ways. Although it is on the light side for anyone already invested in minimalism and the environment, the stunning photography really won me over. It's a fantastic gift book for anyone interested in Swedish culture, or living a more balanced life, and I'd recommend it to those just coming into the idea of living minimally or more sustainably, or those who want to address modern life's mental rush.

I'm still attempting to apply lagom to biscuits though . . .


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