I've Been Interviewed on MJCarty.com!

I was at Lewes craft market last weekend, and whilst there I bumped into a lovely couple who were really enthusiastic about my art and who stopped to chat with me for a while. I LOVE it when people stop to chat with me, it really can break up a monotonous day (depending on how busy the craft fair gets), and it gives me the chance to meet people, and talk about my favourite subject: art. I also really love it because knowing that people are interested enough in my work to take the time out of their day to talk to me is such a fantastic vote of confidence - and that really helps me when I start to wonder if maybe I'm not good enough (quiet, internal voice!!).

In any case, I met this couple and they went home with one of my A3 Sea Creatures prints (cue mini celebration - every sale is still a celebration for me, even 7 months in).

Imagine my surprise when I received an email a day later from Michael Carty, a writer and the very person who had bought that print to ask if I would do an interview for his blog. Of course I accepted, answered some very insightful (and fun!) questions, and we were away! I had a great time writing these answers, and I hope that comes through! You can find the full interview here. And do let me know what you think - opinions are always welcome and so important for my evolution as a business. Feel free to comment below or let me know on Instagram @howellillustration.

A massive thank you to Michael for hosting me.

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