Howell Illustration Pen and Ink Original Art Now on Sale

I have never sold any of my originals unless expressly commissioned, not one. The reason? Because I get anxious that one day I'll need them. But for what? What could I possibly need them for 'one day'? What I've got is one big pile of almost everything I've ever drawn and I'm fed up with it. So, I've decided (finally), to make proper use of my Artfinder account and start selling my originals. I started listing them today. It's been a long time in the making because I also decided to back and mount every single one of them, so they're ready to frame in a standard 8x10" mount (mostly, if that size suits). Personally, I like a nice wide mount, so they've got quite a contemporary edge, so that's what I've cut.

Included in the listings are all of my original pen and ink dog illustrations ranging from £20-£45. There's a King Charles Spaniel, a Shih Tzu, a German Shepherd, a Border Collie, a Cocker and Springer Spaniel, a Yorkshire Terrier, a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier available. Don't forget, I also do pet portraits too, over on my Etsy store.

I've also got a couple of pieces up for sale that were originally drawn for books, all published by Quercus books. There's a pencil lighthouse, a mandala, and a pen and ink white rabbit in a hat illustration.

Finally, I've started listing my original fruit drawings too. First up is the pomegranate drawing, originally completed as part of my own private investigations into colour.

Pomegranate Pen and Ink Watercolour Original Art

I will also be updating all of my old listings with (much!) better photographs, and adding many many more. I have, I think, around 50 individual pieces to back, mount and list, and given that it's taken me all day to list just 13 pieces, and so far has taken me about 2 months to back and mount most of these pieces, I think you'll be seeing original pen and ink artwork for sale from me for a long time to come. Keep checking back here and on my Artfinder page to keep up to date on new products and listings. Or, of course, you could sign up to my mailing list . . . What do you think? Am I right to sell all of my originals? Are there any you particularly like? Is there anything I could do better in my listings? Comment below! Or come say hi on Instagram @howellillustration.

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