Have a little #thoughtforthursday

Every Thursday over on Instagram will be a little something new from me: a #thoughtforthursday. This thought will help me to practice my calligraphy and typography, as well as aim to bring a bit more of something into everyone's life, be that determination, inspiration or just a little nudge in a happier direction. Here's the first one I posted yesterday:

Give Others the Chance to Say Yes

This is a thought that's been with me for a while and really resonated with me when I first read it. Basically: don't say no to yourself for others, because if you keep doing that you'll never ask, and you'll never see what happens if someone says yes: enter that competition, ask that person out, put yourself forward, don't be afraid of a little no when you could get a big yes.

I read this in a book somewhere a while back and it really stuck with me - I just can't remember which book it was, or I would credit it for this wonderful piece of advice. Ever since I read it I use it as an anchor for my fear and anxiety. Whenever that little voice says 'they won't like it, so there's no point in doing it' I stop and think, 'Am I saying no for others? Am I giving them the chance to say yes?' Or am I using the chance they'll say no to hide away, to excuse my fear of the little no? Am I letting my fear control my actions?

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