Fruity New Products at Howell Illustration - Passionfruit and Pineapple Print

I was commissioned to draw a passionfruit recently in the style of my other fruit drawings, and while I was there I thought I'd create a print out of it (with the commissioners permission of course!), I also thought I'd create a pineapple print. I've been thinking about drawing the inside of a pineapple for a while to go with my flamingo print: can you picture it? The A4 flamingo print and A5 pineapple together hanging on a print wall? I thought it would look pretty nice. Anyway, finally got round to it and here we are: two new fruity pineapple (buy here) and passionfruit (buy here) products in my shop to join the fig, orange, lemon and

prints that are already there. Course, now I have to change my bundle deal...

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