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Feature Friday: A look at the work of artist and mapmaker Emily Faccini

One of the artists that has most influenced my journey into mapmaking is Emily Faccini; she really kicked off my love of cartography with a map she created for David Hair's The Moontide Quartet. Here I take a look at the work of artist and mapmaker Emily Faccini.


So, some of my first illustrated maps were, it's fair to say (and as you might expect) not very good. You can actually see some of them in this blog on my artistic evolution. But I always had in the back of my head this one image by artist Emily Faccini, who created the maps for David Hair's first books The Moontide Quartet. This was the pinnacle I wanted to reach! If I can create something half as lovely as Emily's maps, I'll be happy.

A map of a fantasy world called Yuros. It is surrounded by sea and features mountains, trees and fantasy names
Map by Emily Faccini for The Moontide Quartet, and one of my first inspirations

The Artist Behind the Map

​Emily Faccini is an artist, illustrator and map-maker. She studied art, graphics and illustration at Central St Martins, Bristol (BA) and Brighton (MA), and for the last few years has been increasingly focusing on mapmaking. She's worked for a range of publishers and magazines across the UK and US, and lives in the UK and France.

Why I Love Her Work

Those of you who know me, might not be surprised to learn that one of the things I love about Emily's work is her attention to detail. From the little sea creatures to the shapes of the trees; the 3d coastline to the beautiful border, I always find more to look at. In fact, this is one of the things I strive for in my own work: tiny details that reveal themselves each time you look.

I also love how she uses black and white to maximum effect: to create high contrast images that clearly show all of the detail and names of the places - a must for a fantasy map!

Have A Deeper Look

To check out more of her work, head to Emily Faccini's website.

Comment below if you have an artist you think I should look at!

As always, thanks for reading,


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