Brand New Products from Howell Illustration - Limited Edition Compass Roses

This is something I'm really excited about: I've finally started listing my brand new compass rose prints on etsy. The first one I listed was my autumnul-inspired sleeping fox compass rose in gorgeous fiery colours with hand-finished gold metallic colours. There's only 6 with the metallic gold colours, then there's the standard edition print and card, so there's something for everyone.

Limited Edition Sleeping Fox Compass Rose Print - Hand finished with gold metallic colours

I love them because they link my map work and my nature-inspired work so beautifully and they're a lot of fun to create (though they take a while getting all those geometric shapes so exact!).

The second one I listed was my sea-inspired orca/killer whale compass rose with gold and silver metallic colours, and once again, there's only 6 of these. Also available as a standard print, card and mug.

Limited Edition Whale Compass Rose Print with metallic gold and silver colours

The final one I listed was my summer-inspired honeycomb bee compass rose with five different shades of metallic gold colours. This is also available as a standard edition print, a card and a mug.

They are available as cards, limited edition prints (there's only 6 of each type in the limited edition, they've been hand-finished, as the originals are, in metallic fintec colours), and finally as standard prints without the metallic colours. Which one do you like best?

And remember, if you'd like something drawn just for you, then please let me know!

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