In July 2018 I moved from London to the beautiful Surrey countryside, gave up my job and began to pursue a career as an artist because of two things:


1. I have known always, even having grown up in London, that the countryside is where I’m supposed to be

2. When you find yourself crying in a stairwell at your place of work, you know something needs to change


Luckily, I knew what I loved: art, drawing, maps, nature. Anything detailed and intricate or beautifully crafted. I also knew that these things went hand in hand with sustainability; you cannot be passionate about nature and ignore what is happening to the planet. So, now I’m here, navigating the murky waters of starting your own business in a sustainable way, and I’m glad you’re here with me.


I’m not here to make you spend your money. You do not need what I am selling, you are complete without it. Instead, I hope that you enjoy my art. I hope that, if you do make the choice to buy something I’m selling, it’s because it will make a difference, that it’ll bring a little beauty, or a moment of reflection to your home. That you will find some happiness knowing that you are supporting a small, sustainable creative business.


If you’re interested in reading more, I send out a newsletter on the first Sunday of every month for anyone interested in art, nature and sustainability. It's true to my brand aims - I hope it makes a difference to your life and is useful in some way. You’ll get one welcome email, and then the aforementioned email a month. I promise I won’t bother you otherwise. You can sign up on my contact page here.


Thank you, and if you want to ask me anything, I’m always here: nicola@howellillustration.co.uk.



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Artist working out of Godstone, Surrey, United Kingdom


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